What do I like a movie or television show…

It’s a strange thing watching a movie. Nothing quite like it in the world in my opinion.

If it’s the cinema, I get a ticket in the middle of the row and the beginning of the back, so one of two rows up the steps but never all the way to the back. I get a hot dog and a drink, something similar to elderflower (we have a very middle-class cinema where I live, even have Gin and Tonic popcorn!). If available, though not in my local but in some, I will get onions on my hot dog, ketchup – then head into the cinema. I won’t deny I have usually eaten the hot dog before the ads start and while the ads are running I take note of any film I see which spikes my curiosity. Eventually, the film begins and I watch it intently.

If I am at home, I sit on my couch with a glass of ice cold water and usually a brand of popular crisps, known for being in a tube and stacking well. I don’t own many DVDs or BluRays so I usually choose a film or program from subscription services such as Netflix or NowTV or from the purchasing app available on my digital top box, BT TV. I live in a fibre optic area so I never need to worry about buffering so I just cosy down in a nest of blanket and pillows that I will have prepared around me and enjoy the film.

So when I actually watch the film or tv program – what am I looking out for?

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