FILM REVIEW…Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

“It’s 2 hours of happiness followed by 1/2 hour of tears and anger”


I love Star Wars! Though I only got into it three years ago. My mother bought me the complete set (which I now know it isn’t! The box it came in is a liar) of Star Wars movies, Episode one through six.

Previously I had been trying to catch them when they were on regular TV and since I was young and didn’t understand the strange order of the films, I may, therefore, have seen them all but not in an order that made sense and not understanding the change in the age of films. It wasn’t until I met people hugely into the films and looked them up fully online to understand why I had been so confused!

Now I have seen them all and understand the stories though please don’t treat me as an expert, I am not! I still get muddled when I see people in big white plastic suits and need to remember if they are clones or storm troopers or something else entirely – this is one confusing story and one day I will write a post about what the plot line is dumbed down. Not today, though, today is the review of the newest film in the Star Wars Canon Universe, Rogue One.

*There will be no spoilers in this review.*

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FILM REVIEW…Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Before we even start, ‘The Magical World’ by JK Rowling was the beginning for many things for me. Firstly Philosophers Stone was the first book I was able to read truly by myself without in any help and it was also the first film I ever saw at the cinema. My mother bought me the book and I sat for hours reading it over and over and then one day she woke me up at 11 pm and put me in the car, still in my PJs, to go to the cinema at midnight. My first book that I owned and read and the first-midnight showing I have ever been to – the beginning of my life really!!

Okay onto Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them…

*There will be no spoilers in this review*

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What do I like a movie or television show…

It’s a strange thing watching a movie. Nothing quite like it in the world in my opinion.

If it’s the cinema, I get a ticket in the middle of the row and the beginning of the back, so one of two rows up the steps but never all the way to the back. I get a hot dog and a drink, something similar to elderflower (we have a very middle-class cinema where I live, even have Gin and Tonic popcorn!). If available, though not in my local but in some, I will get onions on my hot dog, ketchup – then head into the cinema. I won’t deny I have usually eaten the hot dog before the ads start and while the ads are running I take note of any film I see which spikes my curiosity. Eventually, the film begins and I watch it intently.

If I am at home, I sit on my couch with a glass of ice cold water and usually a brand of popular crisps, known for being in a tube and stacking well. I don’t own many DVDs or BluRays so I usually choose a film or program from subscription services such as Netflix or NowTV or from the purchasing app available on my digital top box, BT TV. I live in a fibre optic area so I never need to worry about buffering so I just cosy down in a nest of blanket and pillows that I will have prepared around me and enjoy the film.

So when I actually watch the film or tv program – what am I looking out for?

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