FILM REVIEW…Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

“It’s 2 hours of happiness followed by 1/2 hour of tears and anger”


I love Star Wars! Though I only got into it three years ago. My mother bought me the complete set (which I now know it isn’t! The box it came in is a liar) of Star Wars movies, Episode one through six.

Previously I had been trying to catch them when they were on regular TV and since I was young and didn’t understand the strange order of the films, I may, therefore, have seen them all but not in an order that made sense and not understanding the change in the age of films. It wasn’t until I met people hugely into the films and looked them up fully online to understand why I had been so confused!

Now I have seen them all and understand the stories though please don’t treat me as an expert, I am not! I still get muddled when I see people in big white plastic suits and need to remember if they are clones or storm troopers or something else entirely – this is one confusing story and one day I will write a post about what the plot line is dumbed down. Not today, though, today is the review of the newest film in the Star Wars Canon Universe, Rogue One.

*There will be no spoilers in this review.*

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