Names Ella-May, call me Tiny!


So this all started in September 2016. I took up writing and video game streaming and then in August 2017 took an interest in comedy and journalism – busy, busy, busy!

Q&A Moment

  • I am 22 years old, born and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • I currently live just outside Perth in Scotland. I moved here for university and loved the area enough to stay and enjoy the scenery and the atmosphere for living near Edinburgh but far enough away for life to not feel so hectic!
  • I will mostly be blogging about gaming, TV/movies and my personal writing. In 2017 I started to look into comedy so you may find some stuff relating to that in here.
  • I should try to blog at least once a week but I may be slacking to begin with, this is a whole new thing for me!
  • You got anything else you wanna know? Drop me a message down below, if enough people want to know I will add it in here!

You can find me either here, I will be aiming for blogging at least once a week. Also, you can find me on all sorts of social media. You can find me at any of the following…

(Just click and follow! I promise it won’t hurt!)


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