Names Ella-May, call me Tiny!


So this all started officially in September 2016. I have just started a new course at university (Studying Literature) and I am looking at a career in social media and writing so where better to start than my own blog?

Q&A Moment

  • I am 21 years old, born and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • I will mostly be blogging about gaming, TV/movies and my personal writing.
  • I should try to blog at least once a week but I may be slacking to begin with, this is a whole new thing for me!
  • Yeah, I know the layout is horrendous, I can’t even get photos to sit centred yet but I am working on it, the interface is just a touch harder to use than I thought!!
  • You got anything else you wanna know? Drop me a message down below, if enough people want to know I will add it in here!

You can find me either here, I will be aiming for blogging at least once a week. Also you can find me on all sorts of social media. You can find me at any of the following…

(Just click and follow! I promise it won’t hurt!)

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